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Why Learn Mandarin with LTL

It is sometimes hard to explain why LTL is so different. Why do our students make such speedy progress with Mandarin? Why do we have thousands of positive reviews online? Why do people always come back? Is it because our teachers are more experienced? Because we pay our teachers better? Because our team is more motivated?

After more than a decade of teaching Chinese in China, I still sometimes find it hard to exactly define what makes LTL so different in just a few words. I thought about it for quite a long time and my best attempt to put it into just one sentence would be:

Because we care

We care about showing our students “real China”, we care about helping them to achieve Mandarin fluency and we care about making sure you enjoy your time in this amazing country we love. That is why we are what we are.

— Andreas Laimböck (LTL founder and school director)

  • Our Team

    Our Team

    Motivated - we care, we work together and we love doing what we do
    Service - We work very hard for you. A smile or thank you means a lot to us
    Experienced - we have been around for a long time and know the ropes
    Fun - while we do work hard, we know how to have a good time

  • Chinese Immersion

    Chinese Immersion

    Immersion programs - live, speak and dream Mandarin only in Chengde
    Real China - let us take you out of the expat bubble and show you China
    Homestays - our school speciality! 80% of LTL students live in homestays
    Friends - let us help you to make Chinese friends

  • The School

    The School

    Relaxed - study hard in a relaxed and fun environment
    Location - center of the Central Business District in the heart of the city
    Our rooftop - amazing views over Beijing from the 30th floor
    Modern - air-con, heating, modern classrooms, kitchen, lunch area etc.

  • Our Community

    Our Community

    Make friends - from day one everyone hangs out together
    International - our students come from all over the world at any age
    The LTL lunch club - everyone eats lunch together at the school
    Do stuff - every week we go out, have fun and discover Beijing together

Two staff sanding in front of LTL's certifications hung on a wall

Our Teachers

At LTL you will be taught by full time, professional, motivated career language teachers. We have a very strict selection system for our Chinese teachers and a very high retention rate for those we choose to work with us. Click the lin below to see more information about our Chinese teachers.

Meet LTL Teachers

Group of people holding a banner saying "3000+ students"


Our students come from all over the world. In the last decade we have had students from 105 countries and at LTL you will study Chinese with a very diverse group of people. Here our student breakdown by nationalities:

LTL staff standing behind a banner saying "LTL Mandarin School Established 2007"


Opened in 2007, LTL has taught more than 3500 Mandarin language students in China. Some stayed with us for just a few weeks, others for a few months, year-long or gap year programs.

About Gap Year Program

Three people sat at a table eating dumplings using chopsticks

LTL Homestays

Homestays are what we do best. We strongly believe that to learn a language you have to Live The Language (LTL) and homestays are an important part of experiencing the real China. 80% of LTL students live with a homestay family. Here is a TV documentary about living with an LTL homestay.

LTL Homestay Video

two students holding up their HSK diplomas

Learn Fast

At LTL we can get a complete beginner to HSK 6 within a year. We know that many people struggle to believe this, but we do and are happy to introduce anyone interested to students who did it. The same goes for shorter programs from a few weeks to several months, our main focus is always on getting a student ahead as fast as possible. You might be amazed how much Chinese you can learn with good teachers in an immersive environment in just a short time.

Two students learning Chinese with a teacher

Small Classes

Everyone is different and there is no one size fits all approach to learning Mandarin. At LTL each student is an individual and not just a number. You will meet your teachers during school dinners, have lunch with the school director, and get to know the team on a personal level.

Full Time Group Class

Group of people taking photos with a panda in a Zoo


Live the Language (LTL) is more than just a name. To get ahead quickly in Chinese you have to speak Mandarin not only during but also after class. Our aim is always to help our students to speak as much Mandarin as possible. The Chinese immersion program is the only true immersion program China has to offer, our homestays will not speak English with you and at reception we will speak – if necessary very slowly  – in Mandarin with you.

About Chinese Immersion Program

Student and teacher having Chinese class on a roof top terrace

Our School

You will study in modern class rooms with central air-con in summer, heating in winter and a lot of light all year round. We have a lotof sun and amazing views over Beijing, free WIFI, a kitchen – lunch area, and sofa area. We also serve free coffee, tea and water all day and after 5pm free beers at our school.

Full Time 1-on-1 Class

Two people hiking the Great Wall of China


Learning Chinese can at times be frustrating. To get through the ups and downs of studying all the way to fluency you need to have fun while doing it. We don’t only study, but also enjoy having a chat during breaks, sun bathing on our rooftop or a few beers at our school together (free after 5pm). After class we show our students the hidden sections of the Great Wall, explore Beijing’s old town and go for Friday night drinks.

Watch Trip to Great Wall

Person having a late night call with a LTL representative


LTL is not just a place where you learn Mandarin but a community and for us even more like a family. We are here to help each other whenever needed. If you struggle with your Mandarin, talk to us for advice. If you want to find the best Sichuan restaurant in Beijing we can tell you where to go. If you struggle a bit with China we are here to help. Just talk to us – our door is always open.

LTL Quick Facts

Established in 2007, LTL Mandarin School has taught over 3500 students from 105 different countries

LTL has 4 school locations, 4.8 rating on tripadvisor, 19 classrooms, 32 Chinese teachers

LTL accreditations: IALC, German ministry of education, Swedish higher education ministry, Hanban HSK

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