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Want a more budget friendly option for staying in Beijing?

The LTL apartments in Beijing are located no more than 45 minutes travel time from the school in a modern housing complex right next to the subway, shared with local Chinese.

This is a great budget option that offers maximum freedom.

  • Complete freedom
  • Never more than 45 minutes from LTL Beijing
  • Share with Chinese flat mates
  • Safe and convenient
  • Very affordable and flexible
Apartments in Beijing


Convenient: explore your nearby area
Independent: come and go as you please at any time
Police registration: will be organized by your landlady for you

Great Location

Restaurants: there will be plenty of restaurants nearby
Food: discover local eateries and enjoy eating at your favourites

Fast & Flexible

Flexible: book your room for as long or short as you want to
Two choices: en-suite in shared apartment or studio apartment
Arrive any time: day is best but we can arrange 24/7 arrivals

The Apartments

Affordable: fantastic value for money and a great budget option
Chinese: you will live with other Chinese locals in Beijing

LTL Apartments

We have two different options for apartment living in Beijing as follows:

Apartments in Beijing || En-Suite

Our shared apartments in Beijing offer En-Suite rooms, meaning you get a bedroom with your own private bathroom.

As it is cheaper to eat at local small restaurants or the university cafeteria than to prepare food yourself, students in China usually do not cook. Apartments are mainly shared with local Chinese, often local students at nearby universities and occasionally other foreign students too.

Please note that while the apartments are safe, very convenient and come at a very attractive price, the furnishing and general apartment quality are local Chinese student standard which is not a 5 star hotel.

If you want a higher quality apartment and are ok to spend a bit more money, studio apartments (below), homestays or consider one of the many luxury hotels right next to our school in the Central Business District.

Type of ApartmentStandard En-SuiteStudio Apartment
Communal AreaPrivate Area
Private Bathroom
Shared Bathroom
Private Apartment

Apartments in Beijing || Studio

Our studio apartments in Beijing will provide you with an apartment all to yourself (or perhaps 2 of you renting the place together).

They’re all located in a safe area with a 24/7 security and reception service. The location is very convenient with places to eat, shops and supermarkets all nearby.

Around a 15 minute bus journey or cycle to the school or around a 30 minute journey by foot.

Electricity, heating, wifi and water bills for the Studio apartment are all included in the prices listed below.

Apartments in Beijing

Although our studio apartments are very much comfortable please be aware that Chinese apartments differ in standard and layouts to what you might be used to.

We can happily help you get in touch with some of out alumni students who have stayed in the studio apartments before, if you would like to hear about their experiences. We can also send you some more photos of the apartments on request too.

NOTE – Students can only book one of our studio apartments in combination with an LTL study Chinese in china program. Chat to us about the different options and what you would like to book.


Who will let me in?

The landlady will. If you are new to Beijing, we recommend getting a survival kit, which already includes an airport pick up.

If you are already familiar with Beijing, there is no need for a survival kit, however booking an airport pick up is very helpful because not all taxi drivers know the complex and it can be challenging to navigate your way there, especially after a long flight. Google maps, like all google products, don’t work in China.

When should I arrive?

For a smooth and relaxed arrival, please book a flight that arrives in Beijing between 11am and 6pm on the Sunday before your start your Mandarin course.

With customs, baggage checks and potential traffic jams it will take about two to three hours to get to the apartments after landing.

You can also check in at night of course, however all banks, shops etc. will be closed and arriving very late in a country like China can be a bit stressful. It is possible to arrive on the Saturday too, but that means it will be two days until you can come to school.

While we are available for emergency support 24/7 via phone, for help with day to day living and settling into China you will have to wait until Monday which is not ideal.

Are the apartments located in a Chinese of foreign area?

LTL is all about immersion and we on purpose chose a very Chinese part of town for our shared apartments. There are very few foreigners living in the complex and you will have a lot of opportunities to practice your Mandarin in the area.

How can I get to the school?

On your first day you might either be traveling either alone or with other LTL students to the school.

If you don’t know the way, please allow extra time when going to school on the first day, as it will take you a while to learn how to navigate the subway and find your way.

Like all google products, google maps do not work in China without a VPN. The landlady however will try to introduce you to other LTL students in the complex who can help. You will of course receive a map with instructions on how to get to the school from us before you arrive in China.

How can I do my laundry?

You will have access to a laundry machine which you can use free of charge.

Does the landlady speak English?

Of course she does not – outside the expat ghettos nobody in China speaks English.

She is however very used to dealing with our students, many of whom speak no or very little Mandarin when they arrive, so please don’t worry about moving in. Having a dictionary app like Pleco installed on your phone can be helpful. She will also introduce you to other LTL students living in the same complex who might help with translation if you don’t speak that much Chinese yet.

If you’re new to China and a beginner mandarin learning, you might be interested in getting a head start on some learning some of the basics before you arrive in China with our Online Preparation Course.

Are there any more pictures?

Of course there are. Please have a look at our shared apartments gallery

Will I make friends?

Differently to many other countries, Chinese people often treat shared apartments mainly as a shared rent agreement and less as an opportunity to make friends.

So while it is of course possible to meet other people living in the apartments, relatively few people end up building strong relationships with their flat mates. If you are looking to meet Chinese friends and immerse yourself into Chinese culture, living in a homestay or getting a connection kit might be a good idea.

Who cleans?

You will be responsible to clean your own room.

What our students say...

Enza Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I was very lucky with my Beijing accommodation experience as LTL Mandarin School helped me and 2 of my friends from Italy book a studio apartment together.

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Mathieu Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I got picked up from the airport late Sunday and went to my shared apartment. Surprisingly the location wasn't bad at all. Close to school and to the city center. 

Read More

Annabel Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have really come to love our neighbourhood, especially all the dogs. I love the city, especially the subway and the way that every street has amazing food options.

Read More

Maria Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

After arrival i went to the apartment directly. The room was supposed to be a small one but it turned out to be quite spacious and nice. I had everything i need for a comfortable stay.

Read More

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