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Join our Business Chinese classes in Beijing. They are an excellent way to break down any difficult language barriers with Chinese colleagues.

Our expert teachers tailor classes to your specific needs to ensure you learn exactly what you need to.

The program is hugely flexible which allows you to choose the time, the location and the content of each class, making it suited to your field of employment.

Take the stress away and let us work around your schedule.

Here at LTL we will always assess you first to gauge your current Mandarin level.

We use this, along with the knowledge of your working industry to create the perfect study plan.

This will help progress your language skills and knowledge of Chinese culture as quickly as possible.

  • Study Business Chinese
  • Flexible schedule to suit your needs
  • All language levels catered for
  • Choose your study location
  • Expert, specially trained teachers
  • 1 to 1 classes enhancing your skills
  • Transparent pricing

Bridge the Language Barrier

Learn – Mandarin lessons focused on your Industry
Key Vocab – Learn and practice important phrases you need
All levels catered – Enhance your career and CV
Communicate – Gain confidence in speaking Mandarin

Class Schedules to suit you

Study where you want – Study at school or home? You decide
Individuality – We tailor lessons to each and every individual
Flexibility – We work around your busy day to day schedule

The Best Teachers in the Business

Unrivalled – Our teachers offer an enjoyable learning experience
Tailored – Classes prepared to fit your ability and industry
Qualified – We only hire the best, all teachers are fully certified
1 to 1 – All classes are one to one so all the focus is on you

One to One Classes

Speedy Progress – Improve faster with one to one classes
Culture – Your teacher will introduce you to Chinese culture
Popular – One to one classes enhance Mandarin skills faster

Study Business Chinese in Beijing

Learn Business Chinese in China, it’s never been more convenient. LTL offer you the opportunity to add an impressive skill to your CV and be able to communicate with your colleagues on a daily basis. We assess you before you begin the course, no pressure, just a quick call to detect where you are at. This allows us to gain an insight into your current ability and this is important when creating your business class plan. You choose the time and location of your classes.

The content for your business Chinese program will be tailored to your working industry and your current Mandarin ability.

Business Chinese programs are all taught one to one. The focus is on you and your field of employment. There is no extra charge whether your class is on a morning, evening or weekend and we travel to you at no extra cost, within the fourth ring road. If work commitments mean your schedule is ever changing that isn’t a problem. There are options to cancel classes if need be. We also have other programs which will suit your needs.

The Super Flexible Program allows for extra flexibility. Feel free to browse our part time Mandarin courses likewise.

Business Classes in Beijing – Prices (CNY)

All prices shown in the table below. As with all LTL programs, the longer you sign up for the greater the discount.

Class HoursPrice Per Hour (CNY)
> 120209
90 – 119222
60 – 89235
30 – 59249
Prices are shown in Chinese Yuan (CNY / RMB)

There are no extra surcharges for morning, evening and weekend classes.

No matter the time or location of your class, the cost remains the same.

Classes start from 8am and run through to 9pm. We will always work around your schedule. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Cancellation Policy – Students can cancel anything up to 30% of their classes up to six hours before their class. This is during working hours which are 9am-6pm. Also be aware any lessons you wish to take outside of the fourth ring road, transportation costs will apply.


Are all classes one to one?

Yes and this is important when taking our business Chinese class. Every individual has very specific needs when you study business Mandarin. From your working trade, day to day contact, level of Chinese and so forth. This requires very specifically tailored classes and therefore one to one classes are absolutely essential. This is beneficial in the long run as your progress will be quicker.

How do you tailor the classes to suit me?

Before you begin the course we “assess” your current ability no matter what your level. This way it gives us an idea of where you are currently at with your Chinese. We’ll also discuss with you, your current employment, your industry and contact with colleagues. We put all this together to create a study plan to suit you whether you work in Finance or Marketing, rest assured you’ll be learning the most relevant Mandarin material to you.

Do you issue Fapiaos?

Absolutely. It’s worth noting Chinese Tax regulations are very complicated. You should inform us who the fapiao is for before you start your Chinese Business Course.

Another thing of note is that Chinese fapiaos can be issued to companies with a Chinese name only. That said, a standard invoice and receipt can be issued at a later date to any business you wish.

I think I need more flexibility. Can you help?

Yes we can! We have a number of part time courses and the Super Flexible Program, might be exactly what you are looking for.

Do I need any prior knowledge of Chinese?

No matter what your level of Chinese you are welcome to join this program. The 1 to 1 nature of the classes means everything will be tailored to your needs allowing for maximum flexibility.

How quickly can I achieve my goals?

This is very much dependant on how much you put in. If you neglect to learn any Chinese outside of class, then it’ll take you a lot longer to get to where you want. Practice as much as possible. Keep in contact with Chinese people and speak Chinese at every given opportunity.

Will I be able to expand other areas of my Mandarin?

Although the program is aimed at improving your business contact with Chinese colleagues, the course is much more than that.

Your teacher will introduce you to Chinese culture and your general Mandarin language skills will improve.

You’ll be able to use this outside of the office as well as in.

Can I learn Chinese online with LTL?

You can indeed.

Find out more about our extensive online classes here.

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