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To learn Mandarin as a Chinese Heritage Speaker – ABC (American born Chinese), BBC (British born Chinese), CBC (Canadian born Chinese, Singaporean or anyone else who grew up with a Chinese language or accent – is quite different to students without a Chinese language background.

The Chinese for Heritage Speakers Program is specifically tailored for you to ensure you are not held back by other non-heritage speakers and your individual needs are addressed.

Classes are individual specifically for the reason that a Chinese Heritage Speaker will have very different needs to a foreign speaker learning Mandarin.

This in turn will speed up your learning progress further.

  • Mandarin for Heritage Speakers
  • Individually tailored to you
  • 1 on 1 classes for speedy progression
  • Personal study plan
  • Expert and certified teachers
  • Very quick language progress

Heritage Speakers

Any Chinese Helps: Cantonese, Hokkien, Shanghaihua etc.
Pronunciation: Learn the differences in pronunciation quickly
Similarities: Learn how grammar and words are often the same


Different: Every heritage speaker has a unique background
Personal Assessment: Start with a free assessment
Personal Plan: We create a personal study plan for you

This Program is for

Made For: American, British or Canadian born Chinese
Also: Singaporean, Hong Kong, Malay & Indonesian Chinese
All Levels: Suitable for any level & dialect of Chinese

Learn Mandarin Fast

Quick Progress: Learn Mandarin faster with LTL
Intensive: Study hard and get your Chinese up to speed
No Delays: never get held back by covering old ground

Chinese for Heritage Speakers

To learn Mandarin as an ABC or BBC is very different to an American or British student without a Chinese language background. As a heritage speaker, you can utilize the language knowledge you absorbed as a child to progress faster in Mandarin.

At the same time each student’s situation is different and a heritage speaker who just listened to his parents speak Cantonese at home needs a very different program to an advanced level Hokkien speaker.

The participants in the LTL Chinese Heritage Speaker Program come from a very wide variety of backgrounds and language levels. Some speak fluent “kitchen Mandarin” and can converse in Mandarin without problems at home, but can’t speak it in a professional business setting, while others need to learn how to correct common pronunciation mistakes Cantonese speakers make in Mandarin.

We will first identify your current level, needs and targets with you together via a personal assessment – if you are not in China yet, this can be done via Skype or WhatsApp – and then design an individual learning program for you.

The Options

Program (in CNY)Descent Speakers StandardDescent Speakers Intensive
Duration20hr per week Descent Speakers 1-on-130hr per week Descent Speakers 1-on-1
2 Weeks10,41915,628
4 Weeks19,83529,753
8 Weeks35,93953,908
12 Weeks48,84073,260
 13-52 wks4,060 / wk6,090 / wk

Prices are listed for a sample selection of course durations for Chinese speakers in Beijing. It is possible to take the course for only a week or up to a full year.

Prices include: Personal assessment, personal study plan, course tuition and all text books.


Can I study in a group?

In our experience for Chinese Heritage Speakers their Mandarin learning experience is not only quite different to non-heritage speakers, but also other people of Chinese descent. A BBC who speaks advanced Cantonese, but cannot read or write characters, simply has very different needs to a Singaporean who grew up speaking Hokkien with his grandparents and learned Mandarin in School.

So while of course everyone is welcome to join our small group classes in Beijing, you might end up not being able to utilize your linguistic heritage for maximum language progress. This is what the Chinese Heritage Speaker program was specifically designed for: to help you to learn Mandarin as fast as possible through a focused and individualized curriculum, without being held back by the different learning patterns of other students.

Do you recommend Homestay for Heritage Speakers

Yes, definitely. Especially speakers of Chinese dialects like Hokkien, Cantonese or Hakka tend to pick up a lot of Mandarin simply by listening and being forced to use Mandarin to communicate instead of English. A homestay family in Beijing is the best way to progress your Mandarin skills quickly.

How do I sign up?

Send us a message to let us know what you want or ask any questions you might have. You will have a reply within less than a working day, including a proposal and quotation for your course and can sign up straight away. Have a look at this infographic on how to sign up for a Chinese course at LTL.

Will I be able to meet other students?

Yes of course. While the classes are tailored specifically for you, all students of whatever backgrounds have lunch together, participate in the same school social activities – of which we have quite a lot – and are part of the same community. While you might progress faster in Mandarin than most other students outside the classroom LTL is – and we know that this sounds cheesy, but it is true – one big family.

What our students say

Jocelyn Testimony for LTL
Hong Kong
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I asked Seraph (my teacher) and Angela if we could incorporate current events/rising trends in China, as well as Chinese culture and history. Both Seraph and Angela were very responsive and worked to address my desires immediately.

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Daniel Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Learning Chinese as an overseas Chinese is different from learning Chinese as a complete beginner. I already had some knowledge of the language. I found my teacher (Lucy) was very adaptable to my needs. I really enjoyed the experience.

Read More

Winkie Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The LTL community is a big family that welcomes all students with a warm hug. There are school organised events every week that also give you a chance to get to do things that you wouldn‘t necessarily have thought of on your own

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