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Here at LTL we have plenty of learning Chinese resources that we’d like to share with you.

Guess what?! They’re all FREE!

Learning Mandarin can be tricky at times, so we’d like to make your journey as smooth as possible.

It’s important to find the best way of learning Chinese for you. Everyone is different and finds different methods of language learning.

Whether you prefer a more traditional approach to learning through structured Chinese learning apps, or are looking for more fun ways to learn like watching Chinese TV, we have some top tips for you!

We’ve put together a list of our favourite free Chinese learning resources to give you some inspiration. Let’s start off with our free learning Chinese PDF

  • Chinese-radicals
  • Chinese-radicals
  • Chinese-radicals

Learn Chinese Free PDF Ebook

Download our learning Chinese resources – this free PDF will give you top tips on how to learn mandarin the right way from ten language experts.

Ten different angles on how to really get to grips with Chinese.

Choosing to start learning Chinese is a huge under-taking but we want to do our best to help you learn from our mistakes.

LTL’s founder Andreas Laimbock gives some insight into his own learning Mandarin journey.

Make yourself an effective plan for learning Chinese using our experts’ advice.

Let your questions be answered, download your copy of the ebook, and get started learning Chinese!

Learning Chinese Resources - Free PDF
Learning Chinese Resources – Free PDF

Learning Chinese Resources – Social Media

Yes, social media is a great resource out there for learning Chinese with tonnes of dedicated Chinese learning accounts and groups. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular ones.


Do you often find yourself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram?

How about you make that time more productive by following some Chinese learning Instagram accounts. Using the bookmark feature of Instagram is a great way to save posts with specific vocab or grammar tips.

It’s a no brainer that one account you should definitely be following is LTL’s own Instagram account @ltlmarndarinschool.

We regularly post useful infographics, vocab cards, fun vocab quizzes and much, much more.

Of course LTL is just one of many amazing Instagram accounts that can help you learn Chinese, so be sure to check out our blog on the best Instagram accounts to follow to learn Chinese for more suggestions.


Facebook is another great free learning Chinese resource. Just like Instagram there are loads of Chinese learning accounts to follow.

There are also many groups that have been created specifically for Chinese learners where users can share tips, blogs and other useful advice with each other.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced learner there will be a Facebook account out there for you to learn from. Some great examples are HSK groups if that’s the goal you’re working towards or you can follow official Chinese news accounts to get some real life Chinese practice.

Did you know that LTL actually offer FREE CHINESE CLASSES on Facebook? Three times a week on the LTL Facebook you can get a completely free lesson, so be sure to check us out!


In terms of free learning Chinese resources, YouTube has to be one of the best with hundreds of channels out there offering absolutely loads of free content.

One of the best things about using YouTube to learn Chinese is that you can find content that you wouldn’t normally get in the classroom, for instance you could learn some Chinese swear words or how NOT to chat someone up in Chinese.

Of course, you don’t get the student teacher interaction but YouTube is a great resource to help you along with your learning journey. We definitely recommend you subscribe to the LTL YouTube channel if you haven’t already and for some other recommendation have a look at our list of Chinese YouTube channels.

Learning Chinese Resources – Blogs

Reading blogs is yet another fantastic free resource for learning Chinese.

Here at LTL we are constantly publishing new learning Chinese content to help students to achieve their language learning goals. Our learn Chinese blogs have everything from basic mandarin to more unusual vocab you won’t have encountered in the classroom like different types of makeup in Chinese.

With super useful vocab cards and infographics like our Chinese menu cheat sheet, which you can save and download they are a top resource for Chinese learning.

Using images to help you remember vocabulary is a great way of getting words which are otherwise completely different to your native language into your head.

Learning Chinese Resources – Chinese TV, Films and Music

One of the best ways we’ve found to learn Chinese is by picking something that interests you and to use it as a tool to motivate your studying.

The easiest way to do this is by finding a Chinese TV show, Chinese film or Chinese song which you genuinely enjoy. This way you can make learning Chinese fun and easy.

There are countless Chinese dramas, films and songs out there and guess what, most of them are available to watch or listen to completely for free!

On the Chinese equivalent of Netflix iQIYI they have some really incredible series such as The Bad Kids which are also available with Chinese subtitles. There are also multiple other Chinese streaming sites which provide a multitude of free content.

If you’re unsure where to start then be sure to check out our “Best of ” page for our recommendations of the best Chinese dramas, movies and songs to help you learn Chinese.


Where can I get your free learn Chinese PDF?

You can download our free learn Chinese PDF here.

The PDF will give you top tips from ten Mandarin experts on how to learn Chinese.

What are some free apps for learning Chinese?

There are loads of free apps for learning Chinese, have a look at our blog on the best apps for learning Chinese to find the one that’s perfect for you.

Is Chinese hard to learn?

Chinese can seem quite hard at first and it does take a little time to get used to the tones and being able to recognise characters.

However, once you’ve got your head around the basics it becomes quite logical.

Can I learn Chinese free?

Yes, there are plenty of free Chinese learning resources such as apps, free classes, YouTube channels that will enable you to learn Chinese for free.

However, be mindful that this takes a lot of motivation and nothing beats the student-teacher interaction from actual Chinese lessons.

Where can I learn Chinese online?

At LTL we have loads of different online classes such as flexi-classes or 1 on 1 classes. To see all of our online classes just head over to ltl-online-school.

Where can I watch Chinese TV shows and films for free?

There are numerous Chinese streaming sites such as iQIYi or YouKu which have tonnes of Chinese TV shows available to watch completely for free.

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