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When you join LTL Mandarin School you are joining a close group of friends, some of which you’ll remain in touch with for life. From the students and staff through to the teachers, everyone gets along and this is what makes studying Chinese at LTL unique.

We understand everyone is different and each individual has their own story to tell whether you are here for two weeks or two months. Your student advisor will help you settle into life in Beijing. If you need a helping hand, your student advisor will be one of your first ports of call on many occasions.

LTL Social Night at Hai Di Lao

  • Become part of the LTL family
  • Get to know people from around the globe
  • Easy opportunity to make friends for life
  • Join LTL Social Events each week
  • Trips and events planned on weekends
  • Karaoke, Hotpot, Hikes and Drinks
  • Student Advisor available to support
  • Get to know our friendly, helpful staff

The staff at LTL Beijing will always be on hand to help and that extends beyond your student advisor. Many staff have years of experience in Beijing so whether you have an issue with your phone, VPN or bank you’ll find someone able to help. Likewise, students who have been at LTL for a period of time and have a competent level of Mandarin will be able to help in public situations. There is always someone on hand no matter what the situation.

LTL Beijing likes to make sure students see as much of Beijing as possible whilst making friends. We therefore create a social calendar where a number of events are organised each week that students are encouraged to attend. This can range from our Daily lunch club, drinks at a local bar or a trip to a Beijing landmark. We organise regular trips to the Great Wall as this is such a popular request.

A week in the life of LTL Beijing

So you’ve arrived in Beijing and Monday is your first day at LTL Beijing. Let’s paint a picture of a typical week in Beijing with us. Bare in mind every week is different but constants remain such as the Daily Lunch club.

Monday Morning – Welcome Breakfast at 8am

To welcome along new groups of students we have a welcome breakfast on various Mondays. You can find these dates on our Small Group Class page. This starts at 8am where you will be taken to a local restaurant or street food vendor. Practice some basic Chinese and get to know your fellow new-comers as well as the staff at LTL Beijing.

Costs roughly between 5-30 CNY 

Group of people having breakfast at the LTL Beijing terrace

Every Weekday Lunch – LTL Lunch Club at 12pm

Every day we give you the chance to kick back and share food together with us. Beijing, at lunch, can get rather busy outside and if you don’t know the area, or much Chinese getting lunch might be a challenge. Our lunch club is not just here to take the stress away, but it gives you a chance to share delicious Chinese food with your fellow students. They’ll also be at least one member of staff joining you each day so everyone gets to know everyone.

Costs roughly between 20-35 CNY

Large group of LTL staff and students sitting around a restaurant table


Wednesday Evening – Hai Di Lao Hot Pot at 7pm

Hai Di Lao is a name synonymous with Chinese Cuisine. Famed for it’s incredibly quick and friendly service and its wonderfully social nature. One big pot in the middle, surrounded by a selection of meat and vegetables which you all cook together as you drink along and chat with your fellow students. This is one of the most fun and social ways to eat and if you are lucky there may even be a surprise or two from the staff. This is a must visit.

Costs roughly between 60-70 CNY

Group of LTL staff and students sitting around a hot pot table

Friday Evening – Wudaoying Hutong & Arrow Factory – 7.30pm

It’s the weekend and what better way to kick start than a few gentle drinks in the famous Beijing Hutong area. Wudaoying is one of Beijing’s gentrified hutong streets with lots of cute shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. We’ll explore the tight, narrow alleyways before sitting down and tucking in a craft beer in Arrow Factory.

Can cost as much or as little as you wish!

Two students drinking coffee at a hutong cafe in Beijing

Saturday and Sunday – Two Day Trip to the Great Wall  

Visiting the Great Wall is the pinnacle to many peoples visit to China. On this particular trip we spend two days on the famous landmark. You’ll have plenty of time to explore and take some photos that you’ll never forget. Transport, hotel and food is all included so bring yourself, bring your hiking gear and let’s explore.

Costs roughly 300-400 CNY

Three people hiking a wild part of the Great Wall of China

Useful Beijing Hints

  • China’s great firewall means access to Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram and even more recently Whatsapp are banned. To get around this you’ll need a VPN. If you have any issues do let us know but try and sort this out before you come to China because it’s a lot more awkward locally. Express VPN and Astrill are two common VPN’s used at our centre.
  • Download WeChat. Do this before you come, trust us, you won’t get by without it here! We’ll invite you to our Beijing student group before you arrive so you can contact all fellow students and arrange events between yourselves.
  • There are many useful apps you can take advantage of if you set up a Bank Account.
    • Ofo, Mobike and Bluegogo are excellent bike sharing apps which require connection to a bank account. It’s very much worth it.
    • Food delivery apps are available. One in particular called Sherpa’s is accessible in English and provides a wide variety of choice.
    • Download Chinese learning Apps. These include Skritter, The Chairmans Bao and Pleco. We’ve reviewed all three on our blog.

What our students say

Michela Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"You really have a lot of fun with the LTL team and students and you can really enjoy yourself together and feel relaxed. I will definitely miss all of them and I will definitely come back as soon as I can. There is so much to see"

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Georgia Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The time taken to organise group activities in and around Beijing allowed me to establish a brilliant friendship group in Beijing. I know in many ways, that the people I have meet at LTL will be lifelong friends."

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Francesca Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The school allows free entry to a Language Mix Social event which was run by LTL. This gave me a unique opportunity to practice Chinese language speaking with Chinese people who want to learn another language in return."

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Pedro Testimony for LTL
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Pedro is studying Chinese at our school in Beijing and taking every opportunity to practise Mandarin outside of the classroom too. Watch this to hear him discuss his Chinese progress, as well as his tips on how to make friends in China.

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