Chinese Fapiaos

LTL Mandarin School can issue Fapiaos (发票) for local courses that are paid for in Chinese Ren Min Bi (RMB). However, we need to strictly follow government guidelines during the process. Some important points to pay attention to are:


1) To issue a Fapiao you must inform your student advisor in writing via email of the exact name the Fapiao should be issued to (抬头). Even the smallest mistake will mean the Tax Authorities will not accept it. We will also need the exact Tax Number (纳税人识别号) as well as the 抬头, please be sure to provide both. The Fapiaos will usually be a Service Fapiao, however if you want it to be issued as Education Service (教育服务费) this can also be done, but you need to inform us in advance.

Once a Fapiao has been issued there is no way to return or change it. We therefore only issue Fapiaos once your student advisor receives the exact required information (抬头) via email, to avoid mistakes.

2) Chinese Tax Regulations require that all Fapiaos need to be issued in the same month that payment was received. So please make sure that if you require a Fapiao you inform us of the company name (Chinese: 抬头, Táitóu) in time. If your payment was received after the 25th of a month, we can still issue the Fapiao the next month for you.

3) In China a Fapiao is not only a legal document, but also considered a valuable item. Therefore, courier services do not deliver them and they need to be received in person. If you previously requested a Fapiao and gave us the relevant company name, it will be ready within several days at our Beijing School and you can pick it up at our School Reception. If you do not have the opportunity to come by the school to pick it up you can ask your teacher to take it with him/her when he/she is next at the school. We will hold on to the Fapiao for two months after issuing it, please make sure you get it in time.

Please do contact us if you have any questions regarding Fapiaos.